Ballast Point: Sculpin



Pour: Golden orange amber. Head is a creamy white with beautiful lacing.  It looks like your grandmother’s doily.

Bouquet: Clementine citrus, raw sugar, piney, and floral hops.

The Sip: Toasted malt notes start off and fade into the hops. These herbal and floral hops spring up through the malt notes and burst citrus onto the scene. There is a nice hop bitterness which cleanses the palate of the malt makes Sculpin very well balance. Sculpin reminds me of apricot jam, orange-marmalade, light creamy malts. Toasted bread. Deep resin.

Mouth-Feel: Small, sharp carbonation. Medium body. Tart pucker on finish.

Overall: Exceptional. An intensely complex IPA. Flavor notes are deeply layered, and very well balanced. You could drink this with almost anything and it would steal the show, I would suggest light foods to pair with this, lightly fried fish, grilled chicken, or sauteed shrimp.



~Billy Gotescruff