Dogfish Head: 60 Minute IPA



Pour: Amber, orange hue.  Head is two-finger and off-white.

Nose: Citrus, orange or clementine, slightly piney hops, creamy fruit like a mango.

Taste:  Creamy malt, slight hops, bitter/tart citrus bite.  Resinous.  Dry grass, hay.

Mouth-Feel:  Light to medium body, small soft carbonation.

Overall:  Good for the backyard barbecues and cook outs of the summer.  Malt notes make it a good pairing with any food with a kick to it, pine and grass would compliment grilled veggies, Turkey pesto paninis, or bruschetta.  My favorite pairing with this beer is a Spicy Bacon Guacamole Burger.



Billy Gotescruff

Twitter: @GrnFormosaTrade

Facebook:  Green Formosa