Flying Dog Brewery: Double Dog


The Pour: Pours a rusty brown-red with a clean-white head. Sawtooth lacing.

The Bouquet: Sweet malt, nougaty caramel, brown sugar, and a blast of hops.

The Sip: Strong alcohol bite. Deep hoppy bitterness, rounded out by the malt. There is a brown sugar sweetness, that smooths out the hops bitterness. Finish is earthy with some woody oak.

Mouth-Feel: Sharp bubbles with moderate carbonation. Medium to Full-bodied.

Overall: I would suggest drinking this at just a tad bit colder than room temperature. Anything colder will dull the malt and the hop bitterness will overwhelm the beer. As far as double IPAs go, this is one of my absolute favorites. It’s got a nice balance of malty sweetness to hops, and has an excellent body. The drinkability of this beer is just phenomenal. It’s hard to believe this clocks in at 11.5%.


Billy Gotescruff