Hi-5 IPA by Terrapin Beer Co.


Pour: Pours an resiny orange-amber. 1-Finger creamy white head which disappears moderately quickly, leaving a flecking lacing.

NoseHerbal, citrusy hops. The herbal notes are that of bright pine. Citrus are orange and faint lemon.  .

Taste: The hops are herbal, not overpowering but very much present from the beginning through the finish. The bitterness in the hops shines through as lemon, orange, tangerine (I believe the tangerine comes from the sweetness of the malt).  Mango and passion fruit are present in the finish as well as a slight honeysuckle note.

Mouth-Feel: Light to medium body with small sharp bubbles.

Overall: This beer makes me yearn for the beach, the warmth of summer. Those of you out there who claim to dislike IPAs should try this. The maltiness balances the hop bitterness beautifully. Drinks like a session ale, but with a really nice depth and complexity.  The tropical hops will whisk you away for a mini vacation.


~Billy Gotescruff