Kotobuki Brewing: Kuninocho Kura Amber


Pour:  Cream colored one-finger head.  Body is Amber, rustic orange in hue.

Nose:  Smells like a forest in the spring time.  Very bright.  Earthy.

Taste:  Wet hay, grass. Bright, green wood. Dry finish.

Mouth-feel:  Very light on the palate, full flavored but does not overwhelm.  Medium body, with pleasant carbonation.

Overall: The mixture of bright notes and earth make this beer highly versatile in pairings.  From the bright notes, I imagine any type of fresh fish dish, sea-bass, trout, or tilapia. From of the earthiness of the burger, I would pair this with any dish with mushrooms in it from stir fry, to steak topped with grilled portobellos, to the swiss mushroom burger at 25 Burgers (they’re BYOB).