Kotobuki Brewing Company

We have been manufacturing craft beer since 1995 after the relaxation of the craft beer laws in Japan. We are the first in Osaka (Japan’s second largest city), and the ninth nationwide to start brewing craft beer. Until then, only the major beer manufacturers were allowed to make craft beer in Japan.

Today, Kotobuki Brewery proudly produce three kinds of beers under the Kuninocho name, Kijo Gold, Kura Kölsch, and Kura Amber.


Kuninocho Sake has been made only at Kotobuki Brewery in Tomita, Osaka since 1822. It is one of the nationally known, prestigious Sakes made in the area. This Sake was named Kuninocho, meaning “The Greatest in the Kingdom” because it was the best Sake in Tomita. To show our pride and promise the best quality, we decided to keep the name Kuninocho for our beers.

The Frog: The frog on our label has a really significant meaning. We call frog “Kaeru” in Japanese, which means “return”. The image of the frog is meant to evoke the feeling that you are coming home. When you drink our beers, we are reminded of that warm feeling of being back home, even if you are really far away.

Kura Amber

IBU: 10

Alcohol: 5%

A smooth, rustic colored amber ale from the Osaka Prefecture. Pleasantly dry, and light on the palate with citrus like features.

Notes: Bright wood, fresh earth, floral, and herbal hops, caramel malts.

Pairings: Any type of fresh fish dish: sea bass, trout, tilapia. Grilled portobello and steak.

Kura Kölsch

IBU: 25

Alcohol: 5%

Kuninocho’s take of a German style Kölsch ale. Its body is 100% barley, but is uniquely refreshing with Pale malts and noble hops. Because the fermentation is done with rather higher temperature, the tastes come out very fresh and pure. The flavor of hops is rather less but instead, you can enjoy the white wine like balanced Ester fragrance. To ensure that aroma, we even add wheat sometimes.

Notes: Hay, pine, citrus with a slightly malty sweet finish. The perfect porch-sipper.

Pairings: Hearty grains, rich veggies, and red meat.

Kijo Gold (Coming Soon!)

IBU: 25

Alcohol: 5%

This is the new gold standard. Kijo Gold is Kijo-shu inspired beer, and also made with artisanal Sake yeast which is the original technique invented at Kotobuki Brewery. Succeeded to create sweet Sake flavored, rich and aromatic, one of a kind beer.

Notes: Smooth creamy malts, herbal/fruity hops. Sweet Sake flavor, rich and aromatic.

Pairings: Light seafoods, sushi and sashimi, scallops, soft shell crab, fresh greens and grilled chicken.

Shout out to @AKIRA_MINAMINO on instagram for taking such wonderful photos of Kuni beers!